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Your intelligent Combat Sparring partner.


Looking for a more interactive, enjoyable measurable workout?  Fitbag’s voice-activated Combat system helps improve your technique, discipline, and self-control. Using intelligent technology Fitbag will develop your power, speed, accuracy, kicking flexibility, and strength for when you’re back on the mat, at home, in the ring or at the dojo!


  • Designed around Century Wavemaster XXL punchbag.
  • Measures the power, speed and accuracy of your kicks and punches
  • Shouts out routines to energise and motivate you to fight harder and longer.
  • Records and tracks your personal routines, progress, and development.
  • Create leaderboards and compete online with other Fitbag Athletes.
  • Personal coaching and development add-on available
  • Easy set-up, voice activated personalised workouts


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