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Customer Care

FITBAG has been developed by investing time developing an understanding of what drives performance. Our products are manufactured from top quality materials in the United Kingdom.


FITBAG and the FITBAG APP. are designed to build your skills and push your exercise to a higher level. The membership of the FITBAG ONLINE CLUB gives you access to a wider group of competitors and resources made up of MEMBERS.


You are the most important person to us. and we have worked hard to develop a product you love.

 Anything issues that get in the way of our relationship is a problem for us.  

Your success is our future and our motto of none of us is better than all of us is something we hold very dear to the FITBAG family. 

Should you have any issues or suggestions please contact us as we are always pleased to hear from you.

Customer Service Rep
Privacy & Safety

FITBAG takes your privacy and Safety very seriously.


Our Website and FITBAG APPLICATION feature all up-to-date cyber security.


Our applications are downloaded from both the android and IOS platforms and have to pass their stringent guidelines.


Payments are looked after by PAYPAL one of the Worlds largest digital payment processor who fully guarantees their transactions for the supplier and customer.


No payment details are retained by FITBAG 

People Buy From People They Trust. Busin
Wholesale Inquiries

FITBAG is ideally suited to a Club or Association either for individual or as group sessions. We are developing Regional Based Group support teams. 

If you would like to become involved in FITBAGS exciting products please contact us. 

Thanks! Message sent.

Payment Methods
Payment Methods

We accept payments from all major credit cards through Strike and PayPal.

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