Fitbag Packages

Complete Boxing / Mixed Martial Arts Fitbag System

Your intelligent, smartphone-enabled sparring partner
and training System.

Package Includes
  • Interactive, tech-enabled Fitbag
    (Available in 3 colours)

  • Wavemaster XXL Freestanding Punch Bag

  • One pair of Adult Boxing Gloves

  • Complimentary App and membership of Fitbag Online Community

  • Seamless connectivity - phone, tablet, PC, Mac, Amazon or Apple TV. (common to all)

The revolutionary voice-activated Fitbag boxing system uses smart technology to measure the power, speed and accuracy of your punches giving you a more interactive, enjoyable and productive punchbag session, either at the gym or in the comfort of your own home gym!


Plus delivery

24 Months 0% Finance Available

12 Month Warranty.

Voice Activated Smart Fitbag Sleeve for Wavemaster XXL/2XLPro and the Blitz freestanding nemesis bag

Your Fitbag connects to the Fitbag App via Bluetooth LE. Fitbag connects to all up to date IOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices. Fitbag also connects directly to Amazon Fire TV, Google TV and Apple TV.

​Fitbag measures Power, Speed and Accuracy of hits from drills shouted out from the Fitbag App. Scores are recorded on leaderboards measuring personal performance. Your Fitbag App connects to the Fitbag Club and allows you to fight or compete with other users online. 


Plus delivery

12 Month Warranty.

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