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Want a way to practice correct kicking form with your young martial artist, whether you?re a non-martial arts parent helping them at home, or a martial arts instructor with a large class to teach quickly? Mike Shintaku, a martial arts school owner and instructor, created the KicKing targets to give young and beginner students a visual aid. Four labeled areas indicate the positions where different kicks should land. The type of kick is written on the back of the target, so that the holder can adjust accordingly. Made with foam padding and a durable polyurethane cover, with two loops for holding.


Visual Training Aid 

Don?t you wish your young students could easily pick up on correct kicking form, without you having to spend the entire class on it? Mike Shintaku, owner of Exceed Martial Arts in Renton, Washington, did!

"Trying to instruct young children, especially under the age of six, to kick correctly took a lot of time and effort," Shintaku explains. "Chambering, leg position, foot position, etc., all required explanations, demonstrations, and even physically positioning the student." The desire to teach quickly and effectively inspired Shintaku to create the KicKing targets! These kid-friendly shields guide kicks to the correct position, and can be rotated to accommodate different kicks!

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