Fitbag, the ultimate training system comes complete with the Wavemaster XXL Freestanding Punch Bag, One pair of Junior pair of boxing gloves and one pair of Adult boxing gloves. 

Extra gloves and hand wraps can be purchased from our site to complement your Fitbag System. Your Fitbag comes with free entry to the Fitbag App.


Fitbag measures Power, Speed and Accuracy of hits from drills shouted out from the Fitbag App. Scores are recorded on leaderboards measuring personal performance. Your Fitbag App connects to the Fitbag Club and allows you to fight or compete with other users online. 

Complete Boxing Fitbag System

Junior Gloves
  • 1 Wavemaster XXl Free Standing Fight Bag
    1 Fitbag 
    1 Juniour set of gloves
    1 Adult set of gloves 
    Fitbag App on IOS, Android, PC, Mac, Google TV and Amazon TV