Fitbag The fully interactive fight system

Fitbag The fully interactive fight system


FITBAG turns your Wavemaster XXL punchbag into a fighting machine measuring power speed and accuracy of hit combinations for both Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Drills.


You can play locally or online using the FITBAG App. The App allows you to develop your routines for Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing or Fitness Workouts.


The routines help you develop muscle memory and build stamina. Personal and online leaderboards help you track progress and allow you to compete against others. 

  • Technical Information

    Your Fitbag connects to the Fitbag App via Bluetooth LE. Fitbag connects to all up to date IOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices. Fitbag also connects directly to Amazon Fire TV, Google TV and Apple TV.  

Not a boxing fan.... but this thing is absolutely brilliant!

"We purchased this to stick in our garage with a view to shifting some lockdown weight. We both hate running and don't want to bother with the current rigmarole of going swimming or joining a gym so wanted to buy something that could go in our garage. To put it mildly.....we're both hooked....and neither of us particularly like boxing! It's very user friendly - very addictive - but really professionally put together. The materials seem to be top quality, it's very easy to use and the voice commands are brilliant and weirdly really spur you on!!! Couldn't recommend this product highly enough."