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Complete Mixed Martial Arts Fitbag System

Fitbag Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Connected Fitness Training System 

Fitbag is an intelligent home fitness and fight system built around a revolutionary, smart-tech enabled punchbag.

Developed with the support of sports scientists, computer gaming experts and Fight Processional Fitbag fuses sports psychology and gamification to bring you enjoyable, rewarding high intensity workouts.

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, boxer or martial artist, beginner or pro, or are simply looking for a fun and enjoyable reason to get your family off the sofa competing and fighting together safely – Fitbag could be for you.

Fitbag is THE smart fitness fight system of the 21st Century

Your intelligent MMA sparring partner

Looking for a more interactive, enjoyable measurable MMA punchbag workout?  Fitbag’s voice-activated MMA system helps improve your technique, discipline, and self-control. Using intelligent technology Fitbag will develop your power, speed, accuracy, kicking flexibility, and strength for when you’re back on the mat, at home or at the dojo!

As your techniques progress and improve, Fitbag can be set to an advanced professional mode for maximum power settings.  You may even wish to apply for personal coaching which links you to one of our Personal Trainers whose job is to support you through your development plan. Your trainers would have access to your personal training data recorded on your Fitbag system allowing them to coach and work with you to further develop and improve your results in line with your goals for continuous self-improvement. 

Fitbag: Get Fit – Don’t Get Hit

  • Designed around Century Wavemaster XXL punchbag.

  • Measures the power, speed and accuracy of your kicks and punches

  • Shouts out routines to energise and motivate you to fight harder and longer.

  • Records and tracks your personal MMA routines, progress, and development.

  • Create leaderboards and compete online with other Fitbag martial artists.

  • Personal coaching and development add-on available

  • Easy set-up, voice activated personalised workouts

Package Includes:

  • Interactive, tech-enabled Fitbag  (Available in 3 colours)

  • Wavemaster XXL Freestanding Punch Bag

  • Complimentary App and membership of Fitbag Online Community

  • Seamless connectivity - phone, tablet, PC, Mac, Amazon TV

Ken -Fitbag-250220-6211-Web.jpg


Plus delivery


Sale Price £549.00

Plus delivery

over 24 months

12 Month Warranty.

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