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The Complete Home Fitness, Boxing, and MMA Training for all the Family.
Fitbag System Measure your Power Speed and Accuracy of every Hit.

Fitbag is an intelligent home fitness and fight system built around a revolutionary, smart-tech enabled punchbag.

Developed with the support of sports scientists, computer gaming experts and Fight Processional Fitbag fuses sports psychology and gamification to bring you enjoyable, rewarding high intensity workouts.

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, boxer or martial artist, beginner or pro, or are simply looking for a fun and enjoyable reason to get your family off the sofa competing and fighting together safely – Fitbag could be for you.

Fitbag is THE smart fitness fight system of the 21st Century

Everyone can get fighting fit with Fitbag

Have fun and get fit without getting Hit!

Our research has shown there are a lot of families who want to train for boxing or Mixed Martial Arts. However they don't want their children being hit or have Concussion.

Fitbag has addressed this by developing The revolutionary voice-activated Fitbag System.

The system delivers high calorific (HIIT) workouts at home, and is a fantastic way to bring family and friends together to safely burn off excess energy while enjoying a competitive, fun fitness gaming experience.  Fitbag can even kickstart a passion for martial arts and boxing that can lead to a lifetime of better physical and mental health and more self-confidence.

Incorporates an app-based personal development programme to help you burn fat, lose weight, build your stamina, strength, relieve stress and improve your physical and mental health. 

Fitbag: Get Fit – Don’t Get Hit

  • Burn fat, lose weight, build stamina, strength and improve your physical and mental health.

  • Fully interactive family fitness and fun gaming system

  • Exhilaration and intensity of boxing and mixed martial arts workouts.

  • Personalised, customisable, voice-activated competitive fitness experience for all the family to enjoy.

Package Includes:

  • Interactive, tech-enabled Fitbag (Available in 3 colours)

  • Wavemaster XXL Freestanding Punch Bag

  • Complimentary App and membership of Fitbag Online Community

  • Seamless connectivity - phone, tablet, PC, Mac, Amazon TV




Plus delivery

Sale Price £599.00

Plus delivery

over 24 months

12 Month Warranty.

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