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Fitbag Connected Fitness Systems, for Boxing Training, And Mixed Martial Arts Training.


Fitbag® The Worlds Only Voice Activated Connected Fitness Training System for Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts.

Fitbag System for only £28.09 per month with 24 months interest-free credit and no subscriptions fee.


Fitbag Connected Fitness, Boxing Training, And Mixed Martial Arts Training System

Fitbag, Your Voice Activated, Boxing, and Mixed Martial home training system.

The revolutionary voice-activated Connected Fitbag Boxing - MMA system uses smart technology to measure the power, speed and accuracy of your punches giving you a more interactive, enjoyable, productive training session in the comfort of your own home gym!

Whats included:
  • Interactive, tech-enabled Fitbag
    (Available in 3 colours)

  • Wavemaster XXL Freestanding Punch Bag

  • One pair of Adult Boxing Gloves

  • Fitbag App and free membership of Fitbag Online Community

  • Seamless connectivity - phone, tablet, PC, Mac, Amazon or Apple TV. (common to all)

  • 12 Months Warranty

  • 0% Finance Available

Buy for £749

Plus Delivery

Already own a Wavemaster XXL?

Buy a Fit-Bag Sleeve for your Wavemaster today, only £299