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Fitbag offer for Fitness Studios:
One month’s free trial*

Fitbag is the Ultimate Connected Fight System. 

Want a Free Fitbag For Your Gym Members? Telephone 0345 11 66 333

Do you have members who enjoy boxing or mixed martial arts?

Our technology combines Computer Gaming with Sports Science, enabling your members to enjoy exercising in a competitive environment. 

Individual leaderboards show Power, Speed and Accuracy of Hits against combinations of drills shouted from the Fitbag App. 

Build Fitness Studio leader boards to allow players to compete against each other in-house. 


Coaches develop players skills by mentoring and developing new routines.  


Get Fit, Don't Get Hit!

Our Offering to Fitness Studios

A One Month trial of the Fitbag Fitness System consisting of: 

  • Fitbag Interactive Sleeve

  • Connection to Fitbag App

  • Century Wavemaster XXL

  • Wavemaster Floor Mat

  • Fitbag, Promotional Pull up Stand

  • Crystal Challenge Cup for your students to compete for on a monthly basis

  • Instructional training for management and staff on the Fitbag System.

  • Challenge cups are competed for on the Studio Leaderboard with the Winners name being displayed next to the Crystal Cup.

  • Winners will receive a digital awarded via their Fitbag App.

Your Commitment


  • The Studio Agrees to promote the Fitbag competition for the trial period.

  • Studio Leaderboards will be set up on the Fitbag App and Members will be invited to Join the competition.

  • The Studio will instruct the students how to use the Fitbag during the trial period once Fitbag Staff trained the instructors.

  • The Studio will supply video footage of winners for social media feeds

  • The System remains the property of Fitness Interactive Ltd while on loan.

  • The Studio to supply boxing/mma gloves



Additional Benefits


  • Studio benefits from 20% commission from all sales of products from

  • Studio can offer a 10% discount to customers for all Fitbag Products 

  • Studio can provide Coaching Services to Fitbag online community and receive an income share stream.

  • Fitbag products expand your marketing opportunities in the Connected Fitness Market

  • If you are not happy with the Fitbag System at the end of the trial period, we will pick up your system.  

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For more information or to sign up to this offer for your Fitness Studio
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