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Fitbag enables you to exercise Individually or online with a broader community.

Developed with support from sports scientists, computer gaming experts and fight professionals.

Fitbag fuses sports psychology and gamification to bring you enjoyable, rewarding high intensity workouts.

FITBAG measures the Power, Speed and Accuracy of the hits against professional drills designed for exercise and the development of muscle memory.

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, boxer or martial artist, or simply looking for a fun way to exercise, Fitbag could be for you.

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Compete with Friends or Family without anyone being hit or hurt.

Young or Professional, FITBAG is calibrated to your level of power, fitness and performance.

The voice-activated smart fight system

The voice-activated smart fight system uses HIIT sessions for high calorific workouts. Combined with gamification and the ability to measure Power, Speed and Accuracy of hits it is a great workout. Compete against your own leaderboards or others locally or online in the Fitbag Club in the Fitbag App. 


​Fitbag measures Power, Speed and Accuracy of hits from drills shouted out from the Fitbag App. Scores are recorded on leaderboards measuring personal performance. Your Fitbag App connects to the Fitbag Club and allows you to fight or compete with other users online. 

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Fitbag Pro uses the Century's ultimate punch bag!


It has the largest kicking and punching surface area on the market! The Wavemaster XXL is the ultimate all round workout bag, suitable for home or commercial use. The Fitbag and Wavemaster can be used Outdoors. Stands 175cm tall and a full 45cm in diameter. Weight distribution of base provides stability and functionality, easy assembly and disassembly. Extra large fill hole and cap allows you to easily fill base with sand or water. The Wavemaster is manufactured in the USA, with Fitbag manufactured in the UK.  Filled with water the System weighs 256 Ibs and sand about 350i lbs  

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