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FITBAG Training endorses High Intensive Interval Training

FITBAG uses High Intensive Interval Training Programs. Research shows, depending on your workout levels, you can burn between 354 - 558 calories an hour.
Our FITBAG total body Mixed Martial Arts Program will help you push yourself to the limits of both physical and mental ability.
FITBAG won't only burn lots of calories but is super fun either training by yourself, locally with friends and family or online with the wider FITBAG Club community.
Order your FITBAG today to get FREE MEMBERSHIP to the FITBAG Club and Receive the FREE FITBAG APP. 
The FITBAG team have been involved in the exciting development work with Universities and Hospital patient health programs.
Research shows that patients benefit in many ways from exercise whist in hospital and convalescing and that the introduction of applications such as FITBAG enable people to compete and exercise in a safe environment. 

During FITBAGS development, we have been through many phases as our knowledge has increased, and technology has advanced.
Today's technology allows us to deliver a product that is affordable and provides the player with great features and a system to enable you to enjoy Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Exercises and training packages previously only available to top-performing athletes.
Our evidence shows that the introduction of Gamification brings fun and helps you to push yourself to a higher performance level. 
FITBAG offers you a pathway to a healthy fun way of life. 

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